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20 Minute Infinity Scarf
All seams are sewn using a 1/4” seam allowance. Fabric Requirements: 1 2/3 yds (Makes 3 Scarves) OR 7/8 yd (to make 1 Scarf)
difficulty: easy
sewing skills: Yes
Time: 20 min
Cutting along the length of fabric, measure and cut three 14”W x 60”L strips. OR Fabric – 7/8 yd (Makes 1 Scarf) 1. Cut two 14” x WOF strips. Trim both strips to 30” in length. With right sides together, join the two strips at the short edges. Press seam open.
Fold so that the two short edges meet. Open and match up the short edges with right sides together and pin. Before sewing, make sure your scarf is not twisted. Sew along this edge to join the two ends together, forming a circle.
With right sides together, fold one of the strips in half lengthwise and pin. Starting and stopping about 12” from each end, sew along the length of fabric to make a tube. Backstitch at both ends to secure. Turn right side out.
Turn the raw edges of the opening in and press. Hand stitch the opening closed, or machine stitch as close to the edge as possible. Repeat using the remaining cuts of fabric to make quick & easy gifts for family & friends!
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