The Atlantic Fabrics Journey
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________In 1984, we embarked on an incredible journey, planting the seeds of creativity and craftsmanship right here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. That fateful day, April 4, marked the birth of Atlantic Fabrics, a story woven with threads of passion and innovation.
Kathy Dean,
President of Atlantic Fabrics
Where did the history of Atlantic Fabrics begin?
Picture this: The '80s, neon and leg warmers, and, amidst it all, Atlantic Fabrics was born. From our modest beginnings, we've come a long way, but our mission remains unaltered - to kindle the flames of sewing and crafting in every heart.
As we traversed the threads of time, we weren't just a store; we were a vision. "From the outset, we wanted to be local leaders in the creative industry," reminisces Kathy Dean. Armed with a treasure trove of new, unique products, and a commitment to offering the best value, we set sail. Our secret ingredient? Knowledge and impeccable customer service. Conversations with our cherished patrons were like golden threads, weaving our future.
Our maiden year witnessed an unexpected twist – the Cabbage Patch Dolls and Care Bears fever! Instead of high-end fashion fabric, we became the go-to place for stuffing and cuddly cuteness. So, we did what we do best – we adapted! We unveiled our Creative Classes, teaching generations the art of sewing, igniting sparks of creativity. The story of Atlantic Fabrics was not merely about selling; it was about nurturing passions.
Year two, and the adventure unfolded further. With the province's ever-growing interest in craft supplies, we expanded our repertoire to include an array of crafts. We were no longer just about fabrics; we had turned into a creative mecca, leading the charge in the world of crafting. Our journey was like a tapestry, each year adding vibrant, new threads.
From One to Five: Atlantic Fabrics' Creative Journey Through Nova Scotia
The buzz of Atlantic Fabrics spread like wildfire, and by 1986, we had opened our second store. Two years later, another jewel adorned the crown of Bedford, Nova Scotia. But the creative souls of Nova Scotians seemed insatiable, demanding more. Three more stores emerged in swift succession before the millennium rang in — Greenwood (1991), Bridgewater (1996), and New Glasgow (1997). And then, in 2015, Truro joined our Atlantic Fabrics family.
Today, we stand strong with five convenient locations, always striving to offer the latest, the greatest, and the most creative. Our prices are as competitive as ever, but our real strength lies in our passionate and knowledgeable staff. They are the wizards in the world of creativity, armed with expertise across a spectrum of crafts. We have cultivated a work environment that champions teamwork and puts our beloved customers on a pedestal.
Your creativity, our dear customers, is the heartbeat of our story, and we're deeply thankful for every part of this incredible journey together.
With sincere gratitude,
Kathy and Dennis Dean
Atlantic Fabrics